Friday, July 9, 2010


Had a pretty beautiful mood the night before. I myself wonder why thou?

Since the mood was still the next morning so I decided to get my butt off to go for a walked-in- interview at my primary school.

Pretty mood might bring me luck? I followed majorities vote to dress in skirt instead of pants, frankly I prefer skirt as well.

Aunt Wendy dropped me to school after I have well prepared with the look and documents.

Please tell me I look like a teacher. kononnya*

Felt so fresh early in the morning and see familiar place which brought me back old memories.I first entered the ground floor office and there were two prefects standing there. They brought me to the deputy's office but she wasn't there. We went down again to asked teachers to called the deputy.I was handed a form by the officer and asked me to photocopy and bring the original copy down back to the office. Ain't that their job?*Waited a while for the deputy back to her office. She is quite nice as in not those very serious and smile-less kindda interviewer. She was actually happy at the very moment cause the school is lacking of teachers. Things didn't go well when she went through my cert and found out that I didn't take Chinese during SPM. The basic requirement is that as long as whoever wanna teach in chinese primary school must have at least SPM chinese even though Chinese is not the subject you're gonna teach. What's with if I wanna teach BM and BI if I don't have Chinese based?* She advised me to go sit for STPM chinese exam. I was like err....okay..sobs*leave the school just like that.

The last time I back to school was last year December.

S.R.J.K (c) Chen Moh

Another new building in front of the basketball court.

It was during internship in Sin Chew for 'Guai Shu Shu' event.
Ignore my fugly face cause I didn't bother to put on make up that day.

My class teacher during standard 3 a.k.a my tuition teacher in standard 6 could remember me still.

Kids!!! I spotted the cutest one.

Look she is so tiny. Just like me when I was in standard 1.

Doll-look-alike with her fringe hair cut.

Couldn't help myself to grabbed her for a picture.

Now my plan has ruined. Is either I have to wait till next year to sit for SPM chinese as registration date already over or must well teach in kebangsaan or secondary school. A tough decision for me.


  1. haven't back to my old school for so long..will visit soon....

  2. all the best in to be a teacher! it's one of the most noble professions!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  3. Lukey: Thanx =)
    M-Knight: It's always nice to visit back our old school.

  4. Your fist picture does not look like a teacher. You'll be bullied by the students. :P luckily, it's only primary school.

    Well, good luck teach! Hope you will become a good one :)

  5. awww... the kids so cute oh! :) miss my old days! haha

  6. Nana: i think I could handle them well. Thanx for the wish. =)
    Henry Lee: They are so adorable. =)

  7. Now, you look like a real teacher! =)

  8. Tolanic: U're the first one who said so. =)