Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday was the toughest day ever for me.

Lotsa not-so-good feedbacks about my choice of job from people around me.

Thought of seeing you after my first day work trial to release the stressfulness in me.

I admit I'm weak and fragile. I couldn't handle things by my own almost all the time.

That's why I need you to be next to me to give me comfort. I wanna lean on your shoulder and cry out loud.

But all I received from you was that you couldn't spare some time for me and you think that I'm not an understanding person.

Ya, I know you need to help your friends for their assignment but what about me? Your friend's place is just 15 minutes away from mine.Can't you even meet me for a while?

Ended up I slept the whole day with a very heavy mood. I yelled at my mom even though there's nothing to do with her. I felt so terribly sorry for her to have such crazy daughter like me.

And do you still still remember what have you promise me today? I bet you don't.

I went for second day work trial. I was so happy as I was hopping to see you when I received your text.

I called you and you told me you were on your way home to rest. You said you gonna collapse as you did't sleep for the whole night.

My heart was like broken into pieces cause you already forgotten that you have promised to meet up with me today.

The tears rolled in my eyes and try to control myself not to cry in front of the kids. how can a teacher be so emotional like a loser in front of the little lovelies?

My mood gets even worst after I received your text cause there's always disappointed instead of a happy one.

I don't know how to end the story here seriously.

I do still like you with all my heart though we are not together anymore. You did say that you still have feelings for me but there's a lot of BUT.... to be concerned.

I sent an apologize text to you this morning for not being an understanding person. Now I think the apologize meant to be another reason.

I know you are not belongs to me anymore and i don't own you. I apologize for acting like you're still mine and i couldn't accept you're not there for me when I need you badly.

Now I've to make myself clear like what Adam said to or not to be together with you and I don't wanna make things complicated as well.

I must get a life and move on!

I'm sorry. I do still love you like I always do. BUT we can't just continue like this.


  1. oh dear...don't be so down Sherry. Cheer up. Yesterday is over, try to make today better?? :)

  2. Cheer up^^. He must had his reasons for doing that. Did u ask???

  3. erm.. im trying to post smth here.. but idk how to make you feel better? =/ just know i'll be here =)

  4. Cherrie: There's nothing left to ask I guess.
    Daphne: Thank you so much for ya concern. Really appreciate.

  5. wow why so down... i'm sure if both of u sit down and talk it all out, it'll be better... but if he cannot be bothered, then neither should you... cheer up and dun wallow in this alone k? ^^

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings