Saturday, July 31, 2010


An outdated post on 22nd July 2010.
The threesome planned to have a girlie night outing.
Evon and I waited half an hour for the 'Ms. Eunice' just to get ready.
Headed to The Curve to rush for movie ticket since we have not book yet.

The cinema was packed with unusual crowd seriously.
We wonder why though.
Queued for quite sometime but the movie we wanted to watch left few front rows seat.
Thanx to Eunice who ruined the plan cause of her slow-in-action. bleuk*
Before left the cinema, I saw few 8tv host such as Yoon Yoon and Mei Sim.They came for the La Comedy VIP screening.
How good if I could get free movie tickets like I used to work in Sin Chew Daily.

I suggested to go for karaoke since the movie plan is off and takkan just go home right?
So the girls deal and go on with it! So gonna sing our voice out till we drop.We always do that.

Aww!! I saw Jay Chou on Red Mag front cover on receptionist counter.

Vampire-theme-look for his new album 2010.

There's also english translation for the article.

Oops! I forgot to bring my baby Canon Ixus.
Our pictures turned out like real blur by phone.

Look how Evon and Eunice sit!

The clearest picture of all.

Laugh at my 'grandma- dress'.

The childish pose.Yucks!

The S.H.E of that night!

We sang and danced WAKA WAKA for twice !