Thursday, July 1, 2010


Woke up by a weird dream again. The scenario was a night pub where it suddenly went dark off. Everyone was frighten and looked around to find what's going on. I saw a mystery guy wearing a big hat which covered his look. Then Geor went and poke the guy and green juicy spill out from him. We caught in a trouble and the next second we did of course to escape ourselves from that place. The scene changed to my house front gate when we ran out from the bar. Nic was with her white Proton Waja waiting us outside.Geor and I got up the car very quickly. From no where mummy appeared. She was locking the house gate. Mummy tried to stop our car but Nic insist to drive off. Mummy fell down while waving and yelling. I stopped Nic and got down the car to carry my mummy. -The End-

Changed into bikini after breakfast.

Rested at the pool side before swim.

A little baby girl with her red crabby.

My swimming tutors.

Had McD for lunch after cars renting.

Camwhored inside the Jeep.

First stop: Tiger Temple

Huge black 'Gong'

Spotted my name 'THO' on the van.

Walked up The Hundred Steps Stairs

Second stop:Emerald Pond
Third stop: Crystal Pond
Fourth stop: Hot-Spring

*No pictures as camera not pro in night mode

Fifth stop: Night market

Adorable rabbits with clothes on only cost RM15.
Wish how much I could bring them all home.


  1. wow ur 2 tutors is sure lucky to have a sexy tutee like u... XD

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. aww the rabbits are really cute (: but the rm15 isnt worth the trouble of looking after them when you bring them all home.

    drop by here

  3. Lukey: =)
    Serene: Yea, true also.

  4. how much is the whole trip? =)

  5. teeeheee~~ i really viewing the rabbits with clothes on it!!! so cute!!!

  6. Lisa: Yea, I'm so so want all of them to be mine.
    kenwooi: hotel rm100+ + flight 300+ = 400+

  7. nice picturessssssssssss! :)

    dropping by from innit~