Sunday, July 18, 2010


Didn't sleep for the whole night due to the discussion with him.
Sadly the result was still the same. It'll never change no matter what.
Since he already decided, I better shut off and leave to go on with my life.

To bring my mood back on the track, shopping will be the best way ever.
Went to the mall with mummy after she came back from collecting rental.

Dolled up myself in the room.

Add on the flower clip to make my hair less messy.

A simple dress up.
I look fat and chubby here. =(

Headed to the cinema right after we were at the mall.
Long queue again so we didn't get to watch " Flirting Scholar 2."
Had brunch at my favorite place Station Kopitiam.

My kind and lovely mummy.

Her daughter.

Mummy's Tow Yam seafood bee hoon.
It's delicious though is a little too salty.

My ikan pari set. Pedas sial!

The 'wu liao' me!

Bought item 1

Bought item 2

Exhausted after home.
Rainy day of course is to "kao kao zhu".

I found that u already started to search for a "new one" from fb.
It's unbelievable FAST!!!
I'll be happy for you if you gets one who can tolerate your non-commitment relationship demand.
Wish you all the best.


  1. be happy with your life. :) Don't let other influence how you live your life k? Be strong :)

  2. It's difficult at first, but weeks from now, you would be happy that you were strong today. :)

  3. Happy forever, ever and ever!!!! =)

  4. Wow, normally people will mop and cry after a break up... not bad! next time i will try shopping too if i have any break ups...

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  5. Luke: I did cry but for once and the very last time for this guy I promise. Yea, try shopping it really works.

  6. cheer up. there are better ones out there .. i was once in your shoes but i've found someone better now :) hope u'll do too ..

  7. People go thru this. and tell you, that you're not alone in this world. Stay happy and be positive. ^_^

  8. I'll go through this peeps. dun worry =)

  9. haha great one. stay strong and be happy!!

  10. thanx for all ya concern out there. really appreciate lots. =)