Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Rushed to Singapore right after 2 days back from Krabi.

Checked in to Hotel Bugis 81.

Dolled up before go out.

Koi Garden in shopping mall.

Self- made soft toys shop.
Wanted to make one but stopped by the so called rational Evon. =P

Evon and I.

Had Thai food for dinner.
Kindda bored of spicy food since just got back from Krabi.

Some happening event going on that night.
Evon posed with her blue huge man.

The red muscular man and I.

Night view.

Where else to go???

Amazed by the night view.

Merlion Park.

Love the windy effect

Mine ain't pro camera that's why don't seem nice here.

The mini Merlion.