Sunday, August 22, 2010


The big day has finally come!
Evon volunteer to accompany mummy queen to my convocation.
We took an hour plus to find wth is Wisma MCA based on the google map I printed out.
The map is boo nothing but just a piece of shit cause it didn't bring us to the exact direction.
Luckily gotto reach the place on time by asking the hotels working ppl around the area.

I could not describe how much I felt for this day.
For sure my family will be proud of me. I know!
Lets share my precious moment and memorable day together.

Pose happily for mua camera after received the scroll from stage.

My solo picture after the convo ceremony.

mummy love

The pretties. ahem*

mummy queen. ufai .and I

Keith Tai

someone's hat reach ceiling. LMAO

Drew and Mel

The never ending Yip Man freaks!

The AV 1

to be continued....