Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Good morning earthlings!
I'm writing this post at 7.30am as I just got home not long ago.

Lots of you must be wondering how was my first day work.
"Errr......" you may just fill in or complete the answer for me.

Finally back to home sweet home with my lovely bed after the 8 hours.
Felt like an almost overturned dead fish came out from its water habitat.

Yet the girlfriends already bought the movie tickets for yesterday.
Had no choice but to go moreover I've already promised to go.

Evon texted and asked we girls to get ready around 8- 8.30p.m.
Had not bath and changed till 8pm and reply Evon ask her to come half an hour late instead.

Surprise of the night was that Suet did tagged along with us.

La Comedie Humaine the movie.

Don't find it funny though it's a comedy.
No storyline at all serious shit.
Not even lame could be described.
A movie plainly just to make money out of the two famous actors.

The first thing came to my mind on the way to OU was pink cotton candy.
If you so happen to see me with cotton candy on hand is either :
(a) I'm very happy on that day and I need to taste SWEET !
(b) I'm very unhappy and I need SWEET to cheer me up.
I get my ass of the car and headed to Kiosk opposite GSC to get one.
Walked to the food & drink counter with it on my hand while Eunice and Suet queuing.
I showed to them happily just like a kid received their favorite candy.
There were some random guys showed me one kind of look when I was posing with my SWEET.
But who cares? As long as I'm happy.

Got my another 'drug addiction' Coke to be the add on point.
Cotton candy plus Coke makes perfect combination.
Go give a try !
Think I'm goona suffer from diabetes soon.

Wanted to see someone so badly after movie.
Was so disappointed when he first told me couldn't make it.
Get to see him after I merajuk a bit. XD

You made my night Babi!


  1. i love cotton candy too haha

    where u working now? good luck with your job .working life kinda sucks right bt i hope u can cope with it


    have a nice day , get some rest girl

  2. First day of work is always fun...!!

  3. babi? is it the previous guy? lol dont give in so easily, sometimes we have to jual mahal a bit ma lol

  4. i think some part of the movie kinda amuse me... maybe u were really in a bad mood there :)