Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The World of Lingerie

Sexy Wild Hot Comfy

Why do I mention about this online blogshop in personal blog? You guys must me thinking they pay me to write advertorial to promote their business.No, they did not pay me to do so.

I find this online page quite interesting at the very first place. There's an online chatbox at the bottom just like what you see in facebook. Either one of the admin Selina or Nana will serve you when they appear online.

Their customer service is awesome I compliment. The admin will first acquire do you need any help or you wanna look around. They will provide recommendation if you need one by asking what type of lingerie do you prefer.After they gather a brief idea of yours, they will show you sample of pictures to let you pick. It's exactly like a real world shopping no ?

The most important fact is that they don't sell defective stock.Once purchase order had added into the cart. They will double confirmed with you to make sure everything goes well. And they also concern about customers' needs by sending out the order right after they paid. The order can be received a day after. I made my order on Sunday night and received it in this morning.How efficient is that no?

Satisfaction never just ended here. And now the blogshop is having promotion.Purchase RM35 and above will get a RM8 panty for free. On the other hand, if purchase RM120 above will get a panty and a set of sleepwear worth RM46 for free.

Interested? Please visit http://www.princessliciousworld.com/ or facebook account.


  1. Wow, thanks for the info. ;) Will certainly check it out^^

  2. Dropping by ere. =).. Smiles..

  3. Thanks Sherry babe to give such a good comment! Love ya~ Muacks

  4. Well done to Selina and Nana and co...best service and satisfaction assured, always there to serve to the best of their abilities. Congrats!!!!..

  5. hi Sherry babe! thanks for your comment <3 love ya and hope to see ya again soon xoxo