Monday, August 16, 2010


This is a WTF post. Beware!

The sister came to my room for some chit-chat yesterday night.
The conversation topic was about branded handbags and how to differentiate between the real and the fake one.
I told her no point knowing also since we couldn't afford to get ourselves one.
She replied me by saying is not that we couldn't afford, is just that we don't have high self demand.
What she meant was if we have dreams and we work for it, who says it couldn't happen?
I was like WTF since when my younger sister become so mature thinking already.
I'm supposed to be the one who telling her all this to boost her confidence.

Went back to the uni to collect my convo attire this morning.
The booklet stated the opening time is at 9am.
It was such a long queue by the time I arrived there.
Ian even told me some of them reached there around 8.30am.
Waited for darn two hours just to collect the damn attire.
And the hood seems kindda tight for my big head.WTF
I look more like a chef or sai kong (hokkien) than a graduate.

Mummy accompanied me to distribute flyers this afternoon.
I was too excited till didn't realized I stepped on dog's poo.
And it just rained .Guess some of my flyers would gone case left black inks on the sheet as I printed it out instead of photocopy. WTF

I'm still having flu but my body feel warm.
I kept switching on and off the air-con to adjust the temperature goes along with my body.
And I kept rubbing my nose with tissue paper since I'm sneezing non-stop the whole day.
Mummy claimed that my nose is now look like Mickey's one. WTF
I'm Minnie kay incase you don't know I'm a girl.

Thought of picking up smoking. WTF
Ya I'm lack of attention at this moment.
I go insane when I feel ignorance.


  1. how bloggers know where you live =)

  2. Bad luck passes by worries !

  3. aww.. good luck and hope you will hv students soon!

  4. your contact number! haha!
    good luck for your tuition class!

  5. philip: call me if you have students to introduce.thanx

  6. sherry! you should have mosaic your phone number! haha :D

  7. Mmmm..Nothing to WTF about lah..XD

  8. Wow, Bachelor's Degree in Advertising? Interesting. From which uni? Any dream workplace you have in mind?