Monday, September 6, 2010


1. I don't like to stay at home.
2. I'm going on a vacation.
3. I wish to go Gold Coast Beach.
4. I can't wait to receive my first cheque from Nuffnang.
5. I wish to earn at least RM100 per month from Nuffang.
6. Is planing to go Penang for few days.
7. Feel like having Sammi's Cheng recent hairstyle.
8. Me love bikini wear.
9. I need a new laptop.
10. I want a Blackberry.
11.Wish to try on photo shooting.
12. Wish to meet up with Inniters one day.
13. Love rainy day.
14. Me kindda broke now.
15. Recent favorite drama series - 10 things I hate about you.
16. I'm still waiting to receive my Ginger Bread man!
17. Wish I could teach in small village.
18. Me love coke.
19. McD I'm loving it.
20. I've lost my padini card. How to apply again?
21. Me like sour fruit.
22. Plan to have online boutique business.
23. I think my feeling for him is fading. Wonder why?
24. Hate people who don't reply text. Wht's the point of having a phone?
25. Need some luck for tomorrow.


  1. i wish to earn RM100 from Nuffnang too, but i can barely earn RM10 per month!

    i wan a blackberry and i love mcd too :)

  2. haha
    11 - lemme shoot you ;)))
    12 - come, let's go out someday!