Monday, November 15, 2010


Was darn excited the day before it really hits Xplay Shout. Yours truly tried out dresses and heels from her wardrobe as she is going for red carpet. She even did mask and put on her long time din't bother teeth retainer to make sure she looks good for tomorrow's event.

The next day afternoon on the exact day of Xplay, she was so enthusiasm to search on Party make up tutorial to learn new technique. The outcome of the make up result is quite satisfied. It makes my eyes go bling bling and look bigger than usual.

Around for 4pm plus, yours truly bathe and dolled up herself before Serene is here to pick she up. She is an hour late due to traffic jammed and we used Kerinchi link to go The Curve and paid extra toll just to avoid the damn traffic.

Arrived the mall around 6.15pm , then met up Jaclynto collect VIP passes. Oh,she is so pretty for real with big eyes, long silky hair, what's more with height. Envy! If only I have 1/4 of her. Met up the others for dinner at McD before we enter Library.

By 8pm we enter, Library has already crowded with lotsa people. We could hardly find a table. Luckily one of our friends know one of the people work there then only we gotto get a table instead of standing aside. Kononnya VIP!

One thing good is that VIP gotto get as many free drinks as we want for that night. How cool was that no? BUT the guys drink more than us that as if they were the VIP. Ended up, I passed my VIP pass to David instead since guys ask for more beers!

VIP Xplay passes.

Disagree, one of the famous local bands.

Arabella, one of the bands compete at that night.
They rockz the stage for sure!!!

Farrie Hugthrie, their songs are kindda soft and slow genre.

Hujan, another local band artists which performed that night.

The band with only black guy won first prize in that competition.

Last but not least, everyone was waiting for this sexy Mizz Nina to perform that night.

Okay, it's time for the pretties and handsome pictures !

Xing, Yours truly & Serene
Wang from Aesthetics Creative took this picture of we ladies.

This is Wang who was trying to act cute.
The only cute guy I spotted that night! ( don't fly after you read this!)

One of the members, Samuel from Arabella.
Serene think he is cute!

Kian fai, Quek and Tikkoss
The two on right look so gay!

Happy group picture.
3 pretties, 2 handsomes and 1 hamsap! LOL

Overall, the party is effing awesome. We get to mingle around and know lotsa cool people.

X pax - Got X, Got It All!


  1. My reputation gone liao..
    u say like i gay laa bla bla bla..

    but it is an interesting events !
    you dont need to be VXP a.k.a. VIP .. you just need to know VXPs.. right Sherry?

  2. Got X, Got It All!
    is all purple & orange !!

  3. Hi Sherry, I guess it must be an awesome and loud night for u. Disagree, the name sounds cool but I haven't actually heard them play. In fact there are many talented groups around. I love Nice Stupid Playground and their exceptional song Bedroom Window, I think its called. Also, u have got great pics. I can imagine myself being there!!:)

  4. Who's that one hamsap? Tikkoss issit? HAHAHA

  5. wow! nice party! =) must be have so much fun there xD

  6. hope to catch u guys around next time :)

  7. i saw shen sien aka tikkos, haha!!