Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On 11 May 2011,

Topshop held a new series of collection preview launch party in KLCC. Melissa received the invitation a day before from her favorite blogger- Joyce ( kinkybluefairy ). I did came across this event on else networks but I didn't give much bother about it. Since she was allowed to bring a plus one therefore yours truly was tagged along.

The next day on the exact day, I wasn't feeling quite well and slept for the whole day till afternoon. I decided to ffk Melissa since I wasn't in the mood and didn't know how to look good seriously. After her persuasion, a sudden called from my dead body woke me up to doll up myself to face the reality.

Fever , cough and sore throat were really torturing me. I couldn't even speak properly totally lost my voice. Head to the mall slight earlier to have time for self and did some readings in book store till Melissa came.

The front glass decoration for the new series collection.

Theme for the preview party launch : Dress Up!

We guests were serve with drinks and candy pop sticks.

Fashionista guest bloggers : Cindy Tey

Joyce ( kinkybluefairy )

Mel . Sher . Jess . Becca

Happily having our lovely candy pop sticks!

This reminded me the picture we took when we first met.

Fashion Show Time :

Dress Up 1

Dress Up 2

Dress Up 3

I personally like the last piece the most due to the feminine color and design.
Pretty, what cha waiting for ? Go grab your favorite piece in Topshop outlet now!


  1. looked like a rather nice event :) perfect for the ladies :P

  2. I love kinkybluefairy's blog too (: How nice if you guys can get one of those pieces for free HAHA

  3. So nice, get to attend this kind of event, love dressing up too! :D I personally like the 2nd dress, elegant! haha XD

  4. I think your original dress looks best... Probably change to a pair of heels then you are hot to go!

  5. i like the last piece too! woot!

  6. wuuiii~ nice ! I like every piece of garment on u !xD