Saturday, June 25, 2011


Annie rang me up half an hour before the party telling me that she couldn't find her car key. Up coming call from papa bear telling me that he was at my house gate. Surprised me much! He asked me to prepare myself to attend Eli's birthday celebration at Piccadilly.

We were the punctual to reached there 7pm on time. While Eli, Jayren , Qi Tyng and the fr were already there earlier waiting for the bunch to come. Eli and Jayren were surprised to see me show up cause I didn't put attending on the event page.

I'm glad I could make it to join the fellow bloggers for some fun. It's always nice to gather up and have some chit-chat session. Isaac came with a smiley face showing of his shinny nails after the manicure treatment with his wifey.

The birthday girl Eli and I.

Fellow bloggers who attended.

Annie then buzzed me up and told me she found her car key which she misplaced on her bookshelf last night. She drove all the way from Damansara Damai to Piccadilly. I leave the celebration early and headed to KL for HTC launch party at The KL & Sel Chinese Assembly Hall.

By the time we reached there was already9pm. We saw some of the people leaving the car park lot with the HTC goodie bag. I called Benjamin to make sure if the party had over. He told me the most I interested to win a phone section has ended.

Get to hang out a while with Benjamin before he chiao cause his friend was getting bored of the party. Free beer were provided for attended guest so of course we grab at least a bottle to chill. Guess who I bumped into next? Coreen the girl I met at Playboy event previously.

Shorty and Benjamin.

Both shorty Annie and Sherry.

Both shorty with Coreen.

HTC cha cha is love!

Free tee and photo taking.

Actually there were Bollywood dance after that which need guy and girl pair up to dance. The couple who get the most cheers will take away either HTC Cha Cha or Salsa. I think I could dance better than the winners but just that I got no partner. Sobs. Now I'm putting another hope to win a HTC phone by posting picture during the event on their page. Finger crossed I'm the chosen one. Wish me luck peeps!

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  1. Good luck on winning a HTC phone ya Sherry! :)

    Oh btw, link me up on your blogroll! Lol, i've linked yours.