Sunday, July 17, 2011


'Red Tomato' is a free Chinese weekly press which publish every Friday with a circulation of more than 160,000 copies.The purpose of this press is to bridge the community , present the report on social-economics and to provide in-depth reporting on relevant topics.Besides that, it's also focus on current issues, economics, health, lifestyle and entertainment, making the paper that suits for all ages. This newspaper comes in a minimum of 32 pages, all in full color printing with exciting contents in an easy to read format with creative layouts for the readers.

Last Friday, the press celebrated its 2nd anniversary at Sunway Lagoon surf beach. The dress code for that night was beach wear or casual. Food and drinks were served and dine on the beach. After dinner, we were take turned sent to the auditorium by train to watch magical musical for free. Cool no?

Invitation card.

Thanx to Serene for the tag along.

Round applause to all the performancers. They were real awesome!


  1. Yay!! One of the media which I will never want to know about, Chinese language soft-media. LOL!! Can't understand them.

  2. So cool! (: I've never been to a musical bfore :P

  3. hmmm... they are still around ah? LOL

  4. I read it before! The musical was cool!