Sunday, July 24, 2011


Came across to this party contest which held by Twisties Malaysia Facebook through Nuffnang on Twitter. The contest requested participants to write which flavor of Twisities they like the most and why.As a contest kaki, I always love to give it a try just to see how lucky am I.Surprisingly my entry got through and I was invited to the event " Twisties Band Hero Party" on 10th July at The Bee, Jaya One.

Hola on the way back from Kuching after Rainforest World Music Festival.

Rushed to The Bee right after we landed at KL. Exhausted sial!

I didn't know there's colors theme set up for dress code till the end of the party. Totally disconnected from the social network for the three days in Sarawak since my mobile doesn't have data plan.So, I was in gray instead of red or yellow.

The party supposed to start at 6pm but it dragged to an hour later. Emcee of that night was one of the Nuffies , Nick Gan. It started with an ice breaking session, where everyone of us were given a small note which written a song name on it in the Twisties goody bag and required to find a partner who got the same song name. The two fastest pair who went up the stage were required to hum the song. The pair who got the loudest cheers from the crowd will
win themselves another goody bag. Yours truly was too shy to join the game so ya I let my plus one , Mel joined but she was slow to ran up on stage so she didn't get to join as well.

After ice breaking session, food was served to fill up our starving tummy. Continue with the party with Guitar Hero Game. Two guitarist, one drummer and one singer were required for a band. All bands were given two chance to pick different songs to play. The highest score for two games add up will win awesome prizes which we were already guessed so it was MTV Worldstage passes.

team 1#

team 2#

team 3#

team 4#

team 5#

Team 5# got the highest score and won themselves a pair of MTV Worldstage VIP passes while the rest of the participants received 2 pairs of regular passes.

A bunch of wide smiles ended the party happily! :D


  1. So niceeee! Was this event for G+ plus member only?

  2. Looks like everyone had great fun. If I was there, I would probably have chosen to play the drums because I'm bad at singing :)