Thursday, July 21, 2011


With the courtesy of Michale Yip, CIMB Youth and Tourism Selangor, yours truly were effing lucky to won herself 4 pairs which means total of 8 Urbanscapes tickets. Managed to sell off five of my tickets and invited two friends Iris and Dq to join me for this creative arts festival.

That was the very first time I got to join this seems to be huge event which held every year. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon makes us sweat like waterfall yet the crowd still kept coming in. Bumped into few familiar faces; Adrian & Li Chuen from Innit ,Dwane one of the performancers, also Shaza one of the tickets buyers.

Junk Yard , another side stage besides the main one.

CD album booth. See the trial listening was via MP3!

Some band performing on main stage.

X-fusion, a small hut filled with air-con, free photoshoot & beer!

Bumped into Li Chuen dear. :)

Dq. Yours truly . Iris

Millin Happy Faces :)

Follow the stated instructions above to accomplish the mission and get rewarded!

I heart badges!

Which badges best describe you?

Polaroids & Cameras

How I wish I could grab one of them home but the money I earned from selling the tickets don't allow me to do so. KNS

Handmade shoes. Colorful no?

My buy of that day!


  1. I catch 2 second of urbanscapes from LRT station hahaha

  2. Hope I can join next year one! ):

  3. you seem to have enjoyed yourself. Nice !