Thursday, October 27, 2011



Hong Kong Ghost Stories tells of horror stories which, according to two version as the most scary ghost story in the country of Hong Kong. The first story tells of an eerie incident that occurred in a school. School pupils are very unruly, and finally the teacher was acting that eventually led to mystical event that involves ghost.The second story tells of the horror stories are both a group of teenagers who are enjoying a happy holiday, then terrorized by a ghost who seems to want to communicate something to them.


The first story is more towards imaginary which led to the teacher saw ghost in school. End up killing pupils with the tool that she thought is given by the si fu. It related to believe in religion and more likely about vampire. The sound effect speaks louder than actions. There were even few horror scene that used computerize effect to make it look so unreal cause reality those do not happen.

The second story is about a bus of visitors going Thailand for a trip. A girl escape from his boyfriend just to keep the money they got from killing her cousin.The boyfriend tried to contact with her and killed her just knew trip mates as they acted like they know his girlfriend for quite sometime. It contains humor more than horror element in this story. Nothing much that really scared the shit out of me.

Rate: 3/10

Wanted to watch this movie when first day of releasing but it was fully book for the 9.20pm slot. Therefore, didn't get to watch. Tonight was kindda last minute, I told YS an hour before the last slot.Surprisingly, he went with me. Happy girl got to watch horror movie but it was plain dissapoint!


  1. Yerrr... the poster dont even looks good woh!! =S
    definitely wont go for it.

  2. plain disappointing but still got 3/10..haha must be quite ok

  3. Spooky! I love horror stories. 3/10 is a low score but I think I'll still take the chance if I can get a hold of the movie. Thks for sharing the review!