Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just recently, Sze and I were all excited headed to One Utama for pre CNY shopping on a weekday . Both of us didn't put much effort in dressing and dolling up that day with the thought of who is gonna give a damn.

The mall was full with year end sales big banner in outlets which didn't change us more excited. [Wonder why?] Sze got her boyfie two tops from Cotton On while I was busy reading books at the MPH clearance sales stall.

Then we dropped by our favorite outlet -Topshop for the hope we could get something from there. Something happened that totally ruined our mood to the max and chiao home after that.

There was cosmetic displayed on the rack nearby to the end which Topshop don't usually have it. It was new so I went and check out the tester. And this girl sales person who work there spoke in Chinese to ask one of the guy worker to have an eye on both of us. At first, I thought the guy was one of the customers and being gentlemen to let Sze and I try the cosmetics before him therefore we didn't give much bother. When the guy worker was being asked to do some task from the superior and he plurk out words in Chinese " Let me watch this two at cosmetic first." Hello! We weren't deaf , we could hear you clearly! What now? You think we are thief who couldn't afford those stuff which sell in ya store? Perhaps you are too much in judging  a book by its cover dude! After that, I shifted to the bag section and the guy also kept following and watching us.So many customers in the store, why only watched us? Impossible such so called branded store don't have CCTV right?I was blur until Sze told me what's just happened. Damn pissed !

I mean I could tolerate when sales person followed behind me while I am doing shopping in their store. Perhaps add some assist in explaining the product or being friendly could add some point.But not to the extend to call your customer as thief indirectly. That makes me feel like being looking down. I am not cursing but this is just not the way. Better suggest to train all the workers in manners before serving customers in store.

Another day of shopping:

Leather trouser from Pull & Bear. Lewis didn't have my size so I bought this lovely instead.

Lipstick and skin glow from Topshop. Refused to go back to Topshop actually but I just got what I want and get out of the store a.s.a.p cause I still seeing the rude workers there.


  1. I don't have this experience in topshop KLCC or MidV before but maybe they just doing the job else the store manager will scold them why they didn't eye on the customers but the weird thing is they only eye on you and your friend. Is like discriminating people who wears sloppy. Me no likey. =(

  2. IKR! Some of those sales person really so damn rude. especially when you just dress up casually and I hate them tailing behind me as if I will steal stuff =_=

  3. OMG WTH! LIKE THEY'RE DAMN HIGH CLASS AND WE'RE LOW CLASS LIKE THAT. Don't have proper working attitude. Malaysian's worker soon to be China workers type. Except me and those with proper working attitude.