Sunday, March 4, 2012

V . M . S

25 February 2012

It was an outing on last Saturday afternoon. The threesome decided to go for dresses shopping for the following day's events purposed. M and V will be attending friend's wedding dinner, while for me it's Nuffnang 5th Birthday bash.

Simply a grey dress matched with a pair of vintage earings.

Before we girls got into action, we dine at Fat Spoon for our lunch. That was my first time there. The restaurant is decorated in simple vintage style. Many tiny little details like menu, fork & spoon's case are some reused items.

Childhood's story books are reused as a menu booklet. Creative no?

The fork & spoon container is wrapped with comic papers.




After lunch, we walked around uptown and visited most of the boutiques. I managed to get myself a blue dress for the color theme party. Besides that, there was a shop which sell the clothes at wholesales price for only RM20.

My purchase on that day; two blazers,  a maxi dress and a belt for only rm100 plus. :)


  1. I would love to have a visit Fat Spoon, the vintage vibe of the place will enhance the taste of my favorite drink, Mocha.

    Oh, my name is Tom, pleased to mee you. :D


  2. ahaha! so cute with the Peter and Jane story book ~xP

  3. peter and jane reminds me of my kindergarden life~ XD