Friday, October 26, 2012


"CONFIDENT"  is the significant brand that every girls should carry on themselves. Inner and outer beauty are the both key points that create this element. Rom wasn't build in one day , neither do a girl's confident. To build up this element successfully, you need to put on a little effort in order to see and experience the result by yourself. Reminder " there is no ugly but lazy ladies !"

The existence of Veet could help you to enhance your confidence in order to feel beautiful.  Having soft , smooth and hairless skin could stand out and show off your confidence. When you wear confidence as though you own the brand , it naturally shines through in the outfit you pick for yourself daily in different occasion. Be the center of attraction no matter where you go!

Who doesn't want to have flawless radiant skin like those celebrities we saw on television ? I bet no girls would say no instead you would want it so badly to reveal what's the secret of these celebrities. Veet - is the first choice hair removal product among the majority of the celebrities. Now , you could look and feel beautiful without any hesitation !

Veet helps you pull it off in the comfort of your own home. Veet provided a great range of  hair removal product to make you feel sexy and beautiful. The ranging of products from hair removal cream, wax strips, facial wax strips and other formats cater to specific skin types. For more information, refer to Veet Official Page.

All this while, I am using the hair removal cream in shower as shown in the picture above. I use this product with the sponge  remover instead of bladeless razor tool. The item works really well for me.  I use it all the time with great result. It does help a lot especially when I am in hurry to go for an outing. My legs are flawless and smooth afterwards, the sponge really pull the hair out gently without feeling pain or leaving scars. I used to cut my leg and armpit hair with scissors because the product i tried before torture my skin with scars and reddish sensitive pain.  Moreover, I dislike  depilatory creams because the hairs never fully fell out, or they broke above the surface. Veet product surprised me with its effectiveness of pulling the hair clearly from below.

It works while shower, but i wait for three minutes before going it so that the cream could absorb to my skin , to make sure the temperature changes on my skin calm before I go to shower. I had bad experience with other brands, it caused my legs swell about three times their size and notorious for leaving tons of residue on my legs. Terrible! Now, I have found my best friend -Veet which makes me feel so sexy and beautiful , also CONFIDENT all the time!

I am so excited to share with you my Veet-It-Off  DIY outfit that I have revamped. Though I have uncountable outfits in my wardrobe included few boxes . I am kindda unwilling and hesitate which piece to pick to alter it to a new brand new look cause I love all of them. Therefore, I decided to to use a scarf that my friend gave me during highschool to style up. I even cut short my hip-hop outdated pants, wash it with acid soap powder to fade away into a lighter denim blue and add on a little studded details. Let's check out the before and after make over!



Confident (1)

Confident (2)

Confident (3)

Confident (4)

Confident (5)

Confident (6)

Confident (7)

Hope you blogders find the make over styles interesting. :)

No doubt ,Veet is the fastest and easiest way to remove hair.


  1. Veet is very popular in S'pore too & I've tried their products too. Nice!

    1. updated the outfit revamp. Do check out and let me know what do u think . :)

  2. Whoaaaa, so many styles from just one scarf! Cool :D

  3. I like no.6~ nice~


  4. you're good in making use of that scarf... i didnt knew it can turn into so many different kinda style.

  5. fuyoh! so creative using scarf eh! good luck babe! :)