Saturday, June 5, 2010


The ever long m.i.a Nic Chan is finally gonna show up.

I was tagged along by Evon for dinner, movie and karaoke session.

We only gotto know that Nic was already with his gang in OU while we were on the way there.

Met them out at Sri Melaka for dinner and drinks to have a little catch up.

Movie time: Marmaduke.

Wasn't interested to watch this movie at all for the very first place as the preview showed that the animation was so freaking fake and unnatural.

Since majority was okay with the movie plus those movie I wanna watch wasn't at the right timing so this movie would do.

Not gonna rate for 'Marmaduke'.

Karaoke session at Neway after the movie.

Camp 5 was quite happening that night with singing bands and rock climbing competition going on all night long.

I stood at the entrance and had a little peek inside wonder if I could see them but Nah!

Evon and I then headed to The Curve to check out the k-session at Red Box as Neway only available for promotion after 12.30am.

To and fro still we ended up back to Neway to settle down. Our k-session lasted for 3 1/2 hours which ended at 4a.m.

It was freaking cold in the k-room. My handbags were well prepared with few clothes. One of the shirt was brought to return back to him.

I was freezing and shivering that cause me couldn't even sang properly so I wore his shirt instead.

Met up with G before half an hour the session end to asked him to do me a favour passed the t-shirt back to him.

DG came over later on while G went to sleep. Had a little conversation with him before headed back home.

He texted me and told me that he was to walked Evon and I to our car. We were already in the car by the time he wanted to do so.

Our text messaging started from that morning onwards.

Grey vest frm cousin sister
White singlet frm Cotton on
Superb short pants frm Time Square

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