Sunday, June 6, 2010


A very well happening night yesterday cause me woke up sort of late today.

DG came to my place right after the rock climbing competition which helded in Camp 5.

I asked him to brought me my addiction drink Coca-Cola to ease my thirst due to the warm weather and the heat in the house.

Sister and the boyfriend bought brunch from the restaurant which nearby our place since mummy wasn't at home.

I was watching my favourite reality show when DG arrived.He entered my house.

I passed him the food that sister got me since I was full and he hasn't had his meal yet.

We watched the show while he was having his meal and I was sipping my Coke.

Headed to a better place which is his place at Puchong to have a good rest.

It wasn't that warm there without air-condition for the very least.

The time for resting always passed quick. A short nap was already taken few hours.

He fetch me home around 11p.m. from his place.

We even stopped by at McD to order supper and had it inside the car.

...Things began again. What's next then?

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