Monday, June 28, 2010


Wearing a headband among girls are no longer describe as exaggerate , kiddo and childish.

However, Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl does make use of this little accessories to carry out herself.

The fashion icon has set up this as a recent hot trend for not only little girls but all ages girls.

The following pictures are Ms.B with her all kind of headbands:








And these are some of my headbands collection.

* Gonna post few entries about head-to-toe fashion. Stay tuned!


  1. first comment. lapsap. told you ill write lapsap ad. :)

  2. oh!!! head bands!!! i love...but i m now having short hairs..but still lots of headbands in my wardrobe...hehehehe..

  3. vivian: Short hair can wear headbands as well. It brings out another kindda look too. Give it a try girl! =)

    Nana Eddy: Yeap! Headbands freak.