Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Why Day 2 instead of Day 1 ? It is because the forgetful me couldn't remember the password for my previous blog. And yea this is my third blog account! Claps*

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The day started with American breakfast in the hotel. The bunch then decided to have motorcycle ride to hang around the places.

Jo was my partner as I do not know how to ride.
Behind us was Dwane and U-fai.

Aquarium was the first place we visited based on the map.
We thought it was something similar to KLCC aquarium at first.
But it was totally not the case.
It was really many 'aquariums' displayed there, that's why it named the place so.
The positive side was that we got to see lotsa different types of Nemo.

There were lotsa seriously big fishes down the water.
We were so careful while taking pictures cause it seems like the fishes were craving for 'food'.
Kan we looked delicious and yummy? LMAO

U-fai and I

It was damn freaking hot that day. We stopped by at groceries shop to have some drinks before headed to the beach.

The foursome of AV2.

Lunch time.
I look exhausted.

Headed to another beach.
The girls were craze to search for the cheapest and nice massage package offer along the beach.

Spotted the Jason Maraz wannabe .
U-Fai with Michelle's hat.

Geor. Nic . Sher

Jump shot took by U-Fai.

Windy. =)

The five men!

Time for Bollywood!

Random scenery view.

Back to hotel for some rest after the whole day activity.

Prepared ourselves before dinner.

Walked along the happening street and grab something as souvenir.

Smoke area.
Though was a special sign that could only stand there to smoke.
Later on we found out was the sign for restaurant which allowed to smoke.
It displayed outside of the restaurants.

Since the night was still young. What else could we do? Of course some chilling session at the bar.

Smile Bar. What a name!

And this is what they called 'a bucket'. LOL


Had fun!

Michelle and her bf caught in an accident while way back to hotel.
It was minor injured luckily.God blessed.


  1. Ooo..i see sun,sea and sky!! so niceee!! :D

  2. Krabi looks so fun! wanna go if hv chance~

  3. Joyce & Careen: Yeap, it's beautiful there but remember to bring sunblock cause you might get sunburned. =)

  4. i really wanna go krabi one day =)

  5. sherry where did you stay during ur trip? ao nang?

  6. ajjah: yeap, ao nang was the place I stayed.

  7. Nice. But for diving and snorkelling, redang is better.


  8. meoramri: thanx for giving suggestion. =)

  9. wow...very nice photos and looks like you enjoy yourself....good one^^

    nanged and clicked on your ads...do hit me back ya^^

  10. vivian: Yea, enjoyed to the bitss. Thanx!

  11. Nikel: Come let's go together. =P

  12. Wow, looks like you had lots of fun. I wanna head towards Krabi one day.

  13. Thristan: Yeap!! It was really fun there.

  14. i like the bollywood scene..haha

  15. Kerol: We are creative. =)
    Zenghoong : It's beautiful there.