Friday, June 11, 2010


The girls always have different opinion for things neither choice of movies as well.
Surprisingly we got to reach a status whereby the threesome agree to watch 'Killers'.

Evon bought the thickets a day before she went out with the boyfriend.

Eunice came and picked me up to her place so that Evon doesn't have to go to and fro to fetch the two of us.

My theme of dressing was a little Gipsy in that evening.

Eunice claimed that it looks like I was in a beach-holiday.

Dark brown headband frm Time Square
Aqua top frm Cotton On
Floral skirt frm Time Square
Bangles frm India

Evon was already there when we arrived Eunice's place.

Got into her car and jom to Tropicana mall.

It was difficult for us to decide what to have for our dinner as i said we are so different in term of taste bud.

There is always give and take so there we went for Korean food.

Though is sort of NO for me but I enjoyed having dinner with the girls cause we did crap like nobody business.

Movie time after the long crap dinner.

Killers really sucks to the very maximum.

Uh-uh... looks like it's not a good thing overall when the threesome got into the same opinion.

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