Saturday, June 12, 2010


Evon is always crave to have party night since she got back to town from Swiss.
Unfortunately, it often end up with a disappointed and lifeless Saturday night.

I myself also couldn't take it anymore for not clubbing within few months.

Hence, I decided to make the first move and there we go that night.

The 'tai kah che' came and pick me up around 10pm and headed to fetch Yian.

She was kindda blur and lost about the way to Zouk as we used to go Poppy.

Make a few turns around KL area and finally we got our way there.

Shennie and gang were already there and we waited for Sharon and gang to come.

Camera testing by Evon. Flash or not to flash?

Black & white leopard prints vs colorful stripes

The twins' wear.

While waiting for Sharon .
(frm L-R) : Evon, Sher, Shennie & Yian

The black and white buddies.

Sharon the VIP card holder.

That's all for tonight. XOXO

Didn't get to take much pictures for that night as the guys were busying taking care of the drunkards.

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