Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I had a scary dream while I was napping.

I dreamt that a lady was in my room while sister and I were there as well.

The lady asked us if we could recognize her.

I said no but the lady were concentrate more on my sister and gave her smile. Eww...

She used my laptop to do animation about UTAR interior design. The graphic plan doesn't look like the campus at all anyway.

This devil even log into my privacy account without my permission.

While mummy was in the living on the other hand. I had a little chat with mummy.

The devil wasn't there already by the time I went back to my room.

I asked mummy if she saw anyone passed by the living room. She said no.

How could it be? When there living room is the only way to exit.

My room was a mess with my pink Britney Spears poster and a hat I bought from Malacca on the floor.

And from nowhere there's another guy enter my house and straight to the aquarium to switch off the switch.

WTF was that dream trying to tell me?

I was awake by the dream and get my ass off the bed to prepared myself for outing.

* There's no pictures for this post as I forgot to camwhore before heading out plus I wasn't home after that.*

The threesome once again headed to the mall for movie catch up.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang
Rate : 7.5/10

Evon dropped me at DG's place after Eunice sent us back to my place.

DG and I had dinner at McD before we headed to Puchong for rest.

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