Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Headed to Damansara Height to settle my SSPN after dropped sister to her working place in the morning.

Started to touch up my P officially for the very first time in the afternnon. Kan Cheong sial !

Went out with L at night again to catch " Twilight: Eclipse". I rate 3/10. Sucks!

While waiting for L to pick me up.

You're always hard to hold so letting go ain't easy.
I'm hanging on but growing cold while my mind is leaving.
Talk is cheap, gimme a word you can keep.
Cause I'm halfway gone, and I'm on my way.
And ya I'm feeling this way.


  1. yeap and keep going and dun look bad!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  2. YES I AGREE Twilight SUCKS ! gay vampires lol

  3. Vampire: i almost fell asleep. LOL

  4. It ain't easy. All you can do is look forward and things will go pretty smooth after that. :)

    Cheer up! Maybe you are better off without this person. After all, he doesn't know how to appreciate you.

  5. Thug: Yeap. Tq for ya concern. =)

  6. hey take care yea! =) don't think too much!

  7. Yet to watch twilight, been seeing so many negative comments. Now I dont know should I watch it or not sigh