Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Peep! Peep! Pos Laju stopped at my house front gate.
It must be the bag I ordered from blogshop arrived.
Due to I was still in my pajamas so mummy went out to collect for me.

Frankly, I don't go for brand and I couldn't afford either.
Rather carry something that looks nice, suit me and wouldn't hurt my purse so drastically.
Sherry's theory: Go for the style not the brand.

It's only cost RM36 included postage.

Neither relationship is an unpredictable miracle.
A gift that comes to you when it's the right time.
Analyze before making any decision being together.
Sherry's theory: Go for the sincerity not the look.

Friends are best describe as a puzzle game.
They come and go without you realizing.
Only true friends will complete the game with you till the end.
Sherry's theory: Go for the heart not popularity.


  1. Sherry first, second, and third laws :p Like Newton HEHEHE

  2. Errr.... good theory but hard to follow !

  3. In reality, vast majority of people don't follow those rules.NANG ME

  4. I agree with your theories, I dislike those who only make friends with popular peoples!

  5. Ronnie & Meoramri: Just my theories. =)
    Munn: Yaya, agree.

  6. totally agree with go for the style and not the label

    well labels are just label

    i dont see the point of burning of wallet to buy shit we dont need to impress ppl we dont like

  7. j'ann & lene: thanx ^^
    vampire: yaya, so true.

  8. yes, i agree with you!!! go for hearts not popularity!!!

  9. I agree with you but sometimes, being a women, I will hehe... (don't tell my hubby) buy something ex.