Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Our conversation yesterday night was a waste of time cause it made no different.
Went to bed unusual late to make myself exhausted without thinking nonsense.
But it did't go well as I couldn't control my dreamland brought me where to.
I dream of you. You were chilling with your friends while I was having my practice.
I walked towards you. You hugged me on the left while holding another girl on your right.

You really hate me right now, don't you? I understand how you feel.
We are more than an enemy nor a friend now. How sad the ending is.
'm gonna stop my 'grandma story' here before my readers get bored.

All I wish to do now is sit back and relax or go to else where that I could find peace of mind.
I might go up to the hill with a radio on my hands to breath fresh air.
I might go to an island to see the night view and recall memories.
I might speed up my car on the road to fast forward what I've seen in midnight.
I might go chop of my long hair for a sudden change.
I might go for a bikini swim and drown myself.

Soundtrack from Street Dance movie.

Check it out!

This Friday gonna be the night if everything goes well as planned.