Sunday, July 25, 2010


If you guys have been followed my blog or chat with me in innit, you'll know the incident that has been going on with me within these few days.
He blocked me from commenting on his facebook for very long time ago but the silly me only found out three days ago.
I asked him for an explanation but he said he will explain to me when he see me. Didn't know that is so difficult for one to explain his mistake or shall I say he is escaping from telling the truth?

I was damn pissed and deleted him from my friend list and msn cause I don't see the point being a friend since he is so afraid of me commenting on his page.
Yesterday, I send a text ask him for explanation cause I don't wanna keep waiting and being emo.
"Well you deleted me so still we are in talking term meh?" Mr.ABC
"Ok then". Sher
" You tell me after you're cool down or whatever then we'll talk.." Mr.ABC
" You're the one suppose to talk to me" Sher
" Well I don't think it's a big deal bout the facebook thing..." Mr.ABC
" If you think is no big deal. Why you wanna block me from that?I deleted you from facebook. You'ill boh song. Isn't it the same thing as you block me?" Sher
"Then if you take it so seriously..I can't blame you. If you think a friend like me is not worth your time you can move on with it."Mr.ABC
" Ok. I'll move on. Don't regret what you have ever said." Sher
"You are the one wanna make things so serious. I ask you to move on cause just a small issue like this you making a big fuzz." Mr.ABC
" You're always like that. You're the one make mistake but I'm the one to blame.I don't see the point being a friend as you're worry and afraid of me commenting on your fb.Just treat that we don't know each other from the start"Sher
" Well you wanna end all we had before because me some issue I got nothing to say." Mr.ABC

(from the conversation above, you can see I'm the one to blame although I'm not the one who did the mistake)

Then I asked one of his friends about what Mr.ABC had did.The friend thought I already know bout it from the very beginning. (means I'm the one stupid don't know what he had done)I told him about it.

His replies:
"What friend?"
" Why do you wanna refer to someone about the things that only I know?" ( didn't i ask you?)
"Didn't I told you i will explain when i see you?..who do you refer all these thing huh?" ( at first you say i didn't refer to you, now you say you will explain when i see you.twist and turn always)
"Well okay ..tell me who is the one you you're talking to regarding this."
"Tell me now or i won't explain anything"(walao..dealing with me somemore)
" I hate it when people talking behind my back when you can ask me directly. So either you tell me who you been talking to or i don't explain anything at all."( I also hate you block me frm commenting behind my back k,it's the same thing)
I don't hate you. Just gimme a name and you can get an answer from me."(still dealing with me)
" Well are you gonna tell me or not"(imagine when it's come to f2f , it sounds so rude can?)
"Why are you doing all this. I just wanna know who so bad mouth wanna add fire. why can't you tell me who and i'll clear everything up."( everytime we quarrel sure he is the one win, i ask him to let me win for once by giving me explanation first then i will tell him who is the one)
" Not regarding this gonna tell me or not"
" i'm ready ti tell you already but i wanna hear from you first"( i said i wanna hear from him first)
"Too bad then".(WTF!!!!not gentlemen at all)

You said you don't like to take picture and asked me not to post our pictures on fb.
I asked you for reason but you didn't give one .All you said is just that you don't like.
Let me tell you the reason instead. It's because you're afraid of letting people especially those 'beautiful girls' know we were together or stopping you from knowing more luis.
I'm very sure you don't even have a picture of two of us. I could only look at the only picture we took when we were at Penang.
Take a look with your facebook before you say that again picture with so many girls, being your gf couldn't expose her face on your fb.What a shame of her to you no?



  1. Move on ... that is what I have to say !!

  2. yea just move on. he's not worth it.

  3. You should not contact him at the first place especially during the negative zone. Just ignore anything he did. There are reasons why not to contact at all.

    Negative zone is normally happen after the break up. It takes time to recover. Do not need to count the time. It will recover itself naturally. When the time is right then only can start to contact again if you choose want to keep in touch. Good luck!

  4. aww dear, live a happy life without him!
    i had the same prob as well last year and it had gotten me completely lost for around 1-2 months, yeah, i flunk my final as well :(

    so, good luck!

  5. Tolanic: thanx for the suggestion.
    Merrinette: thanx for the concern.