Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wanted to go The curve for movie at first but the timing for the movie is too early.
Venue changed to Tropicana Mall which the movie timing is at 9.15pm.
Bumped into clubbing kaki Jazzlyn and the bf and co-incidence they're watching the same movie.

Adventure of The King: rate 7/10

Barbie look kindda chubby and fair in this movie.
Richie's cantonese speaking is still with mandarin slang.
They even include the four main characters from Tong Pak Fu Dim Chao Heong .
In other words, Richie plays two characters as the king and one of the Choi Zi in the movie.

Really in love with rock dress up.
Sick of the good girl look already.
Might have a sudden change.
Who knows?

Recent love song

The Truth by Kris Allen

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