Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Early morning, went back to uni to return my convo attire.
Bumped into Lakshmi while awaiting for Natasha to come .
Besides attire returned, cert and photos could be collected.

On stage pictures.
These pictures cost me RM 105 included wax and frame.
Half of the refundable deposit for attire is gone! SWT

With my name, uni and date stated.

Full body length picture.

A bigger picture of the ceremony.

Walking down the stage.

Finally, I got my cert!

Headed to Tmn Bahagia to have brunch after that.
Had fried keow teow and soya bean.
Tummy not feeling after the brunch.
Took a nap after home.
The pain wake me by then.
You appeared in my dream nap.
I dreamt that you post a video which you're duet with a girl on fb.
I was pissed and jealous. WTF


  1. 2 more years and it will be my turn. lols

  2. Congratulation! Finally you officially graduated. Welcome to working world. =)

  3. wow congratulation! i still have to wait for 3 more years lol.