Thursday, August 5, 2010


Kept changing lotsa hair care products and still couldn't find a suitable one to fix the problem?

Now I have a well-known yet affordable product to share with girls who especially have long hair.

Follow the three simple steps below and achieve the satisfaction result that you always crave for.

First step :

Sunsilk straight perfection.

Second step :

Sunsilk conditioner.

Apply it while comb your hair with your fingers.
About one minute to let it absorb to your hair.

Third step:

This is the BOOM i swear.
Apply this when your hair is almost dry.
It smells real good and I can't help myself to smell my hair sometimes.

My dry and frizzy hair is improving quite well day by day.

I just started to use this three days ago and the result surprise me.

It might look simple but I hope is helpful for those who are facing hair problem like I do.


  1. Why so hard leh... i use only one !! Head n Shoulder (Semua dalam Satu)

  2. but head and shoulder doesn't suitable for my hair. :(

  3. if i have a smaller face i will cut it super short hahaha and wait for the new hair to grow

  4. tis post like sunsilk advertorial xD

  5. haha...i definitely wanna try it...but seem i am also set with wax or gel...too sad

  6. I think it depends on each individual's hair condition/scalp type. But it's great that you've found your hair's solution!