Saturday, August 7, 2010


Wednesday evening, the long time no meet Jeff message me on facebook.
I was quite surprise thought he was gonna asked how am I doing recently sort of update.
Mana tau he went and invite me go clubbing at Sanctuary this friday night.
Since I have not meet my babe girls for quite sometime since they started work so why not?

Treas and Quenic picked me up around 11pm and followed by Geor.
I didn't really dress up as it's only a small-little-drinking place in mall instead of the-real clubs.
And I had a horribly and terrifying makeup done. Sum up I look yucks that night. Screwed it!

The crowd was just okay when we arrived and we found many ah pek with young lady on their tables.
The first half music played was kindda old-hits so the dancing mood wasn't really on plus have not had enough of alcohol yet.
The second half music played was boom as our Gaga's, my Justin Bieber , OMG by Usher, Waka Waka by Shakira and lotsa recent hits.

Geor and mua

Jeff, the always caring one.
He intro his bunch of guy friends to me since he know I'm still single. (over caring at times thou XD)
I told him I want the DJ who was spinning on stage instead. He even try to get me up to the DJ just to have a picture. I shy lah!

This tomato guy kept forcing me to drink when I was almost half-dead.

The babes who came with the same car.

With the pretty sistas Quenic and Treas

The forever clubbing kakis.

Had a hair-do by Nic in the club!

Bumped into famous blogger Cindy Tey.
She is pretty and friendly.

I was K.O after 5 glasses.
Felt like my head and body is seperated.
Thanx for babi came and picked me home.