Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Preparation for convocation this Sunday.
White long sleeves collar shirt, black coat, black pants/ skirt and court shoes.

I wasn't very excited and looking forward for this day to come.
As I take it is just part of the journey one's have to accomplish in your life.

I'm still hoping the attendance of the someone on that day if he still remember I had mentioned this before.
But I know is gonna be a disappointment yet I'm all ready for it.

The black coat I borrowed frm Evon is kindda big for mua size.
I dislike wearing formal attire cause it looks heavy on me is like a kid trying to dress up like an adult.

To tied up my hair?

Or just just leave it the way it is?

Started to camwhore after trying out those clothes.

Showing off my sexy peal off lips!

The new version of peace by Sherry!

Mr.Ong is back to town from Moscow.I only gotto know after two weeks he's back.This boy really boh sim lor always forgot the way to my house.Everytime he came back sure call me and ask for the direction to my place.The weirdest thing is whnever he is back sure I'm sick even the last time also the same case happen.That's why I asked him not to come back so that I won't fall a sick. XD Something horror yet funny happened, it really freaks the shit out of me at first luckily is not what I thought.Anyway,it was nice to catch up with you for about four hours yesterday. Hope to see ya soon!


  1. haha.... formal looks good on you too... haha.. visit mine too please >.<

  2. Don't wait for rotten apple !!
    The world just started for you..venture all out !

  3. wah seh... the office lady look...

  4. You should borrow the coat from me. we are almost the same size.

  5. Congratz... and you looks good in formal... don't worries..