Thursday, August 19, 2010 My Malaysia Photography Contest

Negaraku yang tercinta, Malaysia will be celebrating its 53rd birthday real soon again!
The theme and slogan for this year is 1 Malaysia Menjana Transformasi.

What I love about our country?

1. Multiracial

Kids in this country have brought up in a very unique environment since they were young. They have been told that there are three main races exist in this country which are Chinese, Malay and Indian.Although different skin colors, culture and tradition yet still it never failed us from living under one roof with peace and harmony. We as 1 Malaysia always shared the laughter and joyful moment whenever and wherever together.


Besides that, communication is also not a problem for multi-races in a country like Malaysia. As Bahasa Malaysia is the main national language that communicate among the different races. Even thou you're not fluent in speaking with this language, bahasa pasar is acceptable as long as we could understand and communicate in a way. Moreover as a plus point, we do shared varies of languages and dialects such as english, mandarin, hokkien, hakka, cantonese and etc. Bah pepatah kata: Bahasalah (BM) yang menyatukan masayarakat yang berbilang kaum = 1 Malaysia

3. Traditional Costumes

With multi-races naturally there are variety of colorful and design for traditional costumes. Malay lady with baju kebaya, chinese lady with cheongsam and indian with sari. Me as a fashion freak loves to expose to different types of dressing. And did I mentioned I tried out all the three costumes that I stated above? Cheongsam for sure is during Chinese New Year, baju kebaya was during my 3 months National Service and Sari during my Uni presentation. Ain't it cool? Apart from the outer look, we as 1 Malaysia shared each races's culture and tradition by celebrating together during festivals.

4. Holidays

The most public holidays you could ever ask for is in Malaysia. In conjunction with holidays, of course there are also vacation places for us to visit . I'm more to a beach person and my beloved country has it all I want. Pulau Redang, Tioman, Langkawi , Ketam , Perhentian and many more options for you to pick as your relaxation venue. Don't have to travel far yet still could enjoy to the bitsss!Beautiful beaches and sea is all in 1 Malaysia.

5. Shopping Heaven

KLCC is one of the building Malaysian proud of as it's one of the world largest building in record.Besides KLCC, there are much more shopping malls available in KL such as Midvalley, Tropicana Mall, Berjaya Time Square,Pavillion and uncountable in other states. I claimed this 1 Malaysia as heaven cause I help out quite alot in economic when I do my shopping spree.Mind me I'm a shopperholic that I myself couldn't even help it.

6. Food

The most most irresistible and I love the most in Malaysia is the variety of food. Roti canai, chicken rice, nasi lemak, asam laksa...frm A-Z you mentioned all you could find it here. I still remember one of my mom's friend who come here from HK sure will tapao roti canai back as she love it so muchhhhhhhhhh! If I were to leave Malaysia, I think I can die without the yummy food that served me for 23 years here. I 1 (want) Malaysia!

What being Malaysians mean to me?

Being Malaysians means I'm made from Malaysia. Malaysian always have the negative perception that products that made in Malaysia is not so standard. Mind you, aren't you 'buatan Malaysia' as well? :P

In conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia 53rd big day, Carlist has organized a Photography Contest for all the Malaysians.

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  1. I love Malaysia more than any other countries. =)

  2. got the email. duno got time to think of it or not.. haha.. =P

  3. good luck to u !!... view my version...posting real soon !

  4. ok this is interesting , maybe i will participate hahaha.. thx for the info sherry!

  5. It is a bit disappointing that we are still talking about "transformasi" after 50+ years of independence.

    I think I'll just take a photo of what happened recently. I fractured my ankle, and my close friend (an ethnic Indian) who was jogging with me, drove me to the hospital. My girlfriend (an ethnic Malay) was at the hospital visiting her grandfather, and came over to the emergency ward.

    When I was discharged, EVERYONE looked at us!


  6. Malaysia truly Asia! :D