Saturday, August 28, 2010


This dinner has planned one week early by lsk.
Alvin was tagged along with us few days back in fb.

Texted lsk to ask if the dinner plan still going on.
He said yes but don't know where to have it yet.
Around 5pm he texted me the location and time he arrive my place.

Didn't know Alvin was asked to wait at my place as well.
He arrived before lsk, the white viva was here after that.
Three of us carpool with lsk's viva to Damansara Village to have STEAMBOAT!

Both of us wonder why lsk will pick steamboat as dinner.
Alvin take the first move to ask him the reason.
He said because I was craving for it. (frm fb) sweet and caring lah this little kid!
He even went and ask around his friends where to have nice steamboat.

The environment of the restaurant seems like a tree house.
We ordered normal sets with herbal soup since three of us are allergic to seafood.
This was the third time the three of us gather again.It's been a while!

Alvin excluded himself from this picture.

Lsk and me

Alvin and I

Feel so old sitting beside them.

Piggie !

Went back to my place after dinner.
They wanted to visit my room so...
I asked them to have a seat in living room then I did a very quick clean up before letting them in.

Lsk the pc expert saw an external keyboard on my lappie.
His hands started to itch and ask for tools to open my lappie and check on it.

The dust in my lappie.
They said this wasn't the worst that they had ever seen.
Some girl's lappie are even worst then mine.WTF!

Look at the naughty Alvin was trying to make funny pose for mua cam.

lsk , a shy and quiet boy. Me likey!
Cause I'm too talkative at times.

Random: say no to plastic bags!


  1. lol....say no to ur phone can? plastic also! XD

  2. haha so funny the pic of alvin trying to hit with lsk with a hammer! :p