Thursday, August 26, 2010


Subject: Communication Law

Cyber Law of Malaysia (as at 2oth September 2008)
Copyright Act 1987 (as at 2oth June 2009)
Defamation Act 1957 (as 10th February 2009)
Federal Constitution (as at 2oth June 2009)

* Only have some highlighted in the books*

Giving up for RM40 for four books (negotiable)

Subject: Creative Advertising

Advertising Principles and Practice (seventh edition)
by Well, Moriaty and Burnett

* It still look brand new*

Giving up for RM 32 (negotiable)

Subject: IMC

Principle of Advertising & IMC (second edition)
by Tom Duncan

* photocopy- no highlights*

Giving up for RM28 (negotiable)

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