Friday, August 20, 2010


The craved for McD bubur ayam didn't end till the next morning.
Headed to OU with mummy the queen after she back from breakfast.
McD was the first entrance after we arrived to fulfill my craved plus McD nuggets set.
We actually took cab to mall as my driving skill still can't convince mummy.
The meter skip very quick all the way to OU is like my heartbeat goes along with it.
It cost freaking damn RM 11.60 to reach OU from my place and RM 12.40 going back. WTF
I better pick up my driving a.s.a.p cause I don't wanna waste a single cent on cab anymore.

Didn't shop much that day as my main purpose is to grab a long sleeves collar button shirt and mummy's wear for my convocation.

Exhausted look cause still not feeling well.

Dropped by bread store and Jusco before heading home.

Was thinking to bring over his place to have it together.

Was thinking to cook for him since he always complain hungry at night.

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind when you were partying all night long out there?


  1. aiya if u nt crossing their minds means the y dun love u, as simple as that, those men can forget it and carry on wif ur happy life ;)

  2. u sure u are exhausted on the pic?
    i tot u are posing, coz is charming pose.

  3. OMG your first pose looks so wrong =P