Monday, September 20, 2010


Hola! Yours truly is back for blogging monjo.
Wonder why am I hiatus within these few days?
Well, I was missing in action for a part time.
I was involved as an organizer for Beauty Expo at KLCC on 17th to 20th.
Quite exhausted job cause we girls need to stand for 8 1/2 hours from 10am to 6.30pm.
The best part was I could deal with all kinds of human being , visitor who come for this event.
Nevertheless, I also gotto bumped into friends and know new buddies during my work.

My first ever long hour standing part time job.
It's killing my foot muscle and back bone.
The Mr. Usher suggested us to rendam kaki with salt water to reduce the pain.
I did it for three days continuously and it really works.

Brought along my cammy on the last day of work.
Camwhored with my four day baby scanner.
The number stated on it is 10113. ( Good luck in buying Toto)

Mua name tag!

The pretties four scanner girls located at Hall 1.
Esther with red scarf is placed at counter.

Chik Yee and mua

Soo Fei and mua

Ven Ven and mua

Is nice to meet you guys.
Gonna add the rest in fb real soon.


  1. aw...brings me back to my part timing days^^

  2. hmmm what is actually happening inside d beauty expo?

  3. ya lo. ur beauty expo post like expo u only leh. XD

  4. I should try this method (rendam kaki at salt water) when I traveling.

  5. Lol! Part-timing for event rawks! Unless its a serious, conference type. :P Hate those.

  6. Chloe: sell hair product and cosmetic.
    John: we were placed at registration can't enter the hall. so can only take pic outside.

  7. Wow, I have missed the beauty expo @.@