Thursday, September 23, 2010


Babes!!! I've good thing to share with you girls.
I found limited edition packaging for kotex luxe since 'm working for their roadshow.
Now Kotex is having promotion price for both Ultrathin (long 23cm) and Ultrathin Overnight (Long 32cm) with wings.
Besides packaging is the boom, the most important fact I wanna emphasize is that the sanitary pad's comfy quality has increased.
1.Before this, the side wings is made of plastic kindda material but now it has change to cotton to prevent uncomfortable and create softness wearing it.
2. The blue part of the content of sanitary has add on with a net platform to increase the level of absorb and reduce the wetness.
3. There is also a border edge around the content so that is not easy to leak out.


5 pieces of Ultrathin pad that come with a limited edition case
This is easy for girls to carry in bags and bring out to avoid embarrassed moment a piece going around.It's also good for travel use.
Selling for RM 5 per case

Drawer-box-inspired package
12 pieces Ultrathin and 8 pieces Ultrathin Overnight
You can use the box to install your stuff after you used all the sanitary.
RM15 per box.

COD: only at Taman Paramount lrt station
Postage: RM 4.50 for WM and RM 5.50 for EM


  1. wah seh... if u promote it from top view... people might thought it is mooncakes...!! wakaka !!

  2. wah..comellah box tu..boleh recycle lepas kosong :)

  3. Hahaha! You gave me a shock! Limited Edition, Kotex! Are we suppose to keep them or use them? Think it will get more expansive if we keep them for some years! Limited edition mah! Hahaha! Good find!

  4. red and black make it so sexy, love the casing (:

  5. ooh... branding and packaging of a product is so important!

  6. cool.. like this also can.. lol

  7. Love the case~ I always out my spare in a cute tissue case so not so embarrassing when taking it to the loo but embarrassing when i offer tissue to some one n mix it up ;p but i've already found one that i'm happy with^^

  8. Hahaha... agreed with Ronnie on the 'mooncake' feel :P

  9. even tis has limited edition???..haha=p

  10. yeah..this one always good..thanks :)