Friday, September 24, 2010



This question had never came across my mind till I discover this Vaseline contest from Nuffnang. ( I think I'm born like a girl but don't act like one. That's why I'm not concern for my skin) It took me a little while to process the answer and the reply is " Erm, maybe not!" :(

I consider myself a super duper lazy girl!!! I love to look pretty however I hate to take care of my skin. One of the cases is that I could apply make up just to look great for the outing but after home I could just simply give my face a wash without removing my make up properly. What's more when it comes to applying body lotion everyday? It's totally an extra work for me which I rarely / impossible to do it! Plus , I hate the stickiness of body lotion after sweat.

BUT shit happen recently that makes me really hate it so much. My hand allergic is back again due to the warm weather. I scratch my hand whenever I sweat cause it create itchiness for goodness sick. People who don't know me might think I have some kindda serious disease for sure.End up now I have a big reddish spot on my hand and spreading wider.This darn fugly spot had blemish my beauty skin.

My reddish allergic spot

This problem had cause me a big headache seriously. I have tried many alternatives to solve it but it didn't work. Such as clinic supply hand cream, chinese medicine, soak salt water and some body lotion which sells in the market but the results got no improvements at all. Then till one day I saw a tv comercial promoting Vaseline and also I found many good comments from Inniters so I decided to give it a try.

One day, while I was waiting for my sister finished her work at Jaya 33. Mummy and I went to Jaya 33 market to do some groceries shopping. Meanwhile, I went to the beauty product area to search for Vaseline. I was kindda disappointed at first cause I couldn't find Vaseline at such big hypermarket. I thought what the hell!!! I went to the counter beside and ask for Vaseline. Then the lady show me where is it displayed at. Only 400ml bottle is selling at that place. I was kindda don't know which flavour to choose between Aloe Cool & Soft or Healthy White . I selected the Aloe Cool & Fresh eventually cause I was attracted to the nice soft smell.

I was quite excited to try out Vaseline see if it's really can cure my fugly reddish allergic spot and bring back my beauty skin to me.I went home and applied Vaseline right after bath on that night itself. The lotion smells really good and it makes me so irresistible to smell myself for times at that moment. ( Think I'm kindda IN LOVE with the smell) Reason of this makes bath an excitement. I always can't wait to apply Vaseline after a warm bath. It brings out the coolness and freshness when applied after warm bath.

Day after day of applying, I could see big improvement on my allergic spot. The spot has becoming brownish and no more reddish like before. It's recovering real fast I swear. This is my true experience man!!! Now, I don't have to purposely cover my hand with my bag or wear long sleeves just to hide my hand from being expose. I can wear sleeveless, spaghetti strap , bikini and even naked (haha, jk!) to show off my beautiful skin, Yeah!! I'm a happy sexy girl now.

On top of that, tell you guys out there another secret. I also apply this Vaseline lotion on my long frizzy hair. My bf thought I have changed to another brand of fragrance at first till I told him is just a body lotion. He likes the smell as it is soft and fresh. Now, he likes to smell me whenever he see me. (sounds so wrong!!!haha)

Bleuk!!! Now I have become a " leng leng" skin girl that you, You , YOU envy kan? (perasan betul I) Why are you still reading this? Move your ass off the laptop to grab Vaseline instead of sitting there envy me. Sharing is caring kan? I want everyone to have beautiful skin just like me!!!!

Now, throw me back the question " Are You Moist Enough?"
I'll be confident enough to admit : "Yes, I'm moist enough with VASELINE!!!"

Call me a SUNKISS babe now!!


  1. why.. why your last pic didn't show your face ?

  2. wooo..sounds so convincing..haha.=D..
    im using the white one..moisture lock..weee..gratz on ur recovery..

  3. wa, u also have a sexy bikini photo. but ho, u need better post la.