Sunday, October 31, 2010


The long awaited inniters' gathering has finally comes. Thanx to Mel for the effort to organize such meet up since she is coming to KL.

The event was held at night so Mel volunteered to fetch me along. (how nice of her!) She reached my place around 3.30pm.

We had a little chat in my room then dolled up ourselves before headed to The Curve for dinner with the bunch.

Though there was traffic jam along the way but we managed to arrived there an hour early before the fixed time.

As usual, girls normally go shopping insane when they visit mall. Mel and I went for window shop with the mind setting "see no grab! " ( how torture was that no?)

There is this outlet selling lotsa girlie stuff with discount prices but I don't really remember the name. Go check it out when you visit Curve. While this pic was taken in Kitschen. Look at Mel, she is darn tall. ( envynya! )

Almost 7pm, we headed to Marche to confirm the booking for reservation. It was my first time to dine there.

Marche with the moo on reservation sign!

Jessie and yours truly

Jimmy on the right

My bbq chicken with corn

Mel's spaghetti

A birthday surprise from all of us. He almost cried and couldn't speak properly for 5 minutes recording speech. ( too " kam dong" I guess)

The girls with the king of that night
( Sim Yee, Doris , Melissa & yours truly)

The guys with the king of that night
( Tikkoss, Vince , Simon)

Cute and funky group picha!

The night wasn't stop there. We went for second round instead.

Chilled at Library till 2am and we ciao back.

It's nice to know ppl that have common interest with ourselves yet still unique in their own way!


  1. Yalor.. very the torturing not to buy the discounted items!!! In the end, did you drag your mom there? The bag! & bikini... oh no! :(

  2. mel: i don't dare to drag mummy there since I just got my new phone. Later, she complain I memboros. :( Love the bikinis!

  3. How nice is it =D hope could attend the gathering as well but still an old "newbie" in Innit.. LOL

  4. I think we have to make a big banner say "EVERYONE IS INVITED" but "NO FREE FOOD"!!!

  5. Wow...girl in purple is realy tall

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  6. marche in malaysia? i work in marche singapore :)

  7. how a global inniters eyeball?

  8. OMG SHE IS REALLY TALL! I'll be a dwarf standing beside her :P

  9. Wahh, why everybody say I so tall de? I'm almost the same height as Jessica.