Tuesday, November 2, 2010


No, I'm not color blind whom can't differentiate between green and red. Just that coincidently I found that most of my pictures in this entry gonna be green instead of my favorite color red.

Went movie with David yesterday night at Midvalley. I mixed up the timing for Eat.Pray.Love at Tropica mall and Midvalley. Ended up , we have no choice but to watch the so called horror movie.

The Child's Eye Rate: 4/10 ( poster is in green! )
I think the name of the movie is more suitable as ' dog's eye' instead of 'child's eye' lor since only the dog can see the ghost. wtf Though the horror level is not that much but some part still scared the hell of me.

Camwhored after home ( in green )
David doesn't like to take picha so I'm lazy to ask.*

Woke up darn early this morning around 6am and received a morning text. :) Laze on bed till 9am and prepared myself to OU. Mummyqueen was tagged along with me. We waited almost an hour for the stupid rapid bus which go OU. Starve and tired were the words I could describe at that moment.

Finally, we arrived the mall. First thing we did was headed to mc d to save our hungry tummy. kesian betu! We ordered 3 sets of mc value lunch- Ayam Goreng, Mc Chicken and Mc Nuggets. We couldn't finish the extra one drink. Before we left, we passed it to one the mcd waiters. LOL

After brunch, we headed to Sasa to collect the scrub which I got selected to write advertorial for it. I went to the main Sasa brunch and the sales girl told me is the selective outlet not hers. Then, I went and search for it by the help of directory cause I was sort of lost.

Collistar Talasso- Scrub Termoattivo made in Italy ( in green )

Did some shopping since I know Kitschen is having sales. Jeans are darn cheap for around rm 80. Grabbed two pieces and tried in fitting room. I couldn't fit the jeans, it's too loose though in size XS. T_T

Camwhored with my babe N8 before I leave the fitting room ( in green)

Mummyqueen and I went for grocery shopping in Cold Storage before home to buy uncle Letchu some gift for Deepavali!


  1. yup, Kitschen is on sale!!! Haaa oso wanna shop there, waiting for my fee to come out first...
    btw where u do your cosmetic review?

  2. you should wait for uniqlo, their jeans are gonna be on sale for only RM50!! :D

  3. usually people said, green is the new black, but you said green is the new red as the title.

  4. Lols...i'm into nude colour right now, beige grey brown. hmm...must be autumn!

  5. I love greeennn!! Aiks.. you watched the movie, many comments saying not so good! But I still feels like wana watch but not in the cinema. (Shh~) XD