Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What a girl wants? What a girl needs? Whatever makes a girl happy sets you free? And I'm thinking for now most of the guys don't really know exactly.Don't see girls as a complicated creation, we are simple if you're too.

" Add on a little sugar, it could become sweet candies."

I don't mean sweet talk here. What I meant is to take the effort in observing and discover what she really want from you. Girls actually are not that demanding as you thought. Minor little action could improve her impression towards you in a relationship.

Minor little actions make relationship works.

1. Give her a morning text at least when you wake up, it's better to give her a call.
2. Surprise her with breakfast delivery without informing her at first.
3. Don't M.I.A half way texting. Inform her you're busy if you really are.
4. Have some conversation with her before head to bed.
5. Good night text at least or call is a must!
6. Spend some precious time with her during weekends.
7. Appear at her house to surprise her without informing her at first.
8. Be there for her when she is down or upset.
9. Don't keep your problem to yourself. Share with her, she is willing to be your listener.
10. Hold her hand and tell her how much you miss her. ( once a while, not always pls!)
11. Send her home after outing, and give her a good night kiss before she leave the car.
12. A kiss on forehead before both headed to bed.
12. Hold each other hands and fall asleep together.
13. Leave her a small note (exp: you're beautiful) on her desk to surprise her when she awake.
14. Bare in mind what she likes and dislike.
15. Remember her full name instead of nickname.
16. Remember anniversary date and her birthday.
17. Celebrate few important days together. ( doesn't have to be grand, as long as you remember and surprise her)
18. Introduce her as your girlfriend instead of friend in front of your buddies.
19. Take care of her when she is sick.
20. Do whatever you have promise. If you can't, better don't promise anything. ( at least there's nothing to quarrel on)

" There are many choice of brands for underwears in the market. It's hard for you to make decision which one to choose sometimes. You might want to have few brands at the same time to try out which suit you well. But once you decided the one and only one brand, you will eventually get bored of it and expecting another new brand. After few months of throwing the one and only one that suits you, you wish to get back to it. Man, you are too late! "

Simplify: Be faithful!