Thursday, November 11, 2010


Early morning, met up with Natasha at KL central before going to PTPTN office. We were there to ask about the procedure of returning study loan and the charge reduce from 3% to 1 % for the payment. The lady officer told us to update our details through the official site as everything now goes online. The closing date for the application is on end of December and letter will be send out by January next year to see if the application got approval.

After settle the important one, we took monorail head to Sg.Wang. From Sg. Wang , we walked to Uniqlo since it was the outlet grand opening day. By the time we reached there, we were totally speechless to see the overwhelming crowd queuing from the starting point to like no endless. It's so happening with Hits Fm and Fly Fm car crews and traffic police were there to control the area.

How I wish I could just cross over the red surrounded string and enter Uniqlo

I bumped into my f6 junior, Steven Chua while he was queuing in the line.

Natasha and I gave up to join the craziness of the crowd. We went Pavilion instead to fill up our starving tummy. Pavilion was having some kinda fashion show which design by local talent designer at the same time. I was impressed by the set up of the event. It looks grand and standard just like overseas.

Randomly picked the Pancake House International to have brunch.
" We're more than just great pancakes."
Ya they do. But I don't think other than pancake, they serve nice food.

The orangey ambient with yellow lighting.
The menu is displayed on the baby chairs.
We had to serve ourselves cause the one and only waiter didn't see us I guess.

Natasha and I ordered carbonara pasta.
It taste like how it looks like, no comment.
Both of us couldn't finish the pasta.


Yours truly

After brunch, we took monorail to time square. We went cinema to check out if there's any nice movie to watch. I wanted to watch Megamind but Natasha seems like not very interested so we went for another option karaoke session at neway. Coincidence Thursday was ladies day so it only cost rm 5 plus plus so there we just go for it from 2pm-5pm.

My idol Christina Aguilera gonna act in BURLESQUE.
I can't wait to watch !!!

Our drinks.
Why three? Don't worry it's not for the unknown extra one.
It's just that we exchanged tidbits to drink order.

We were hungry again after karaoke . We went for KFC before Serene came. Serene came to time square after her work to meet me up for dinner.Natasha leave after Serene and I meet and she accompanied me to the saloon to have my hair cut. Supposed to have dinner , but due to her mummy was rushing her home so we didn't make it. She send me home after picking her friend after work and it seems like very long journey to reach my place cause of KL jammed.

The first picture yours truly took after transformation.


  1. i'm so gonna watch Burlesque too!

  2. hmmm it was today? no wonder no see you online =X

  3. burlesque... looks interesting :)

  4. starting from my batch..students that get 1st class the ptptn loan no need to give back o..but 1% still quite reasonable..

  5. why u eat pasta at PANCAKE house? lols~

  6. did i mention u look nice with bangs? = D

  7. oh...sherry, you were in f6 too????

  8. you should try the pancakes & tell us how it is :D

  9. yeah sherry and simon, can't wait for the release of Burlesque too!