Friday, November 5, 2010


When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be. Will I be famous like those pretty and sexy models walking on the runway or cover girls for fashion magazines perhaps ? Here what's she said to me. ' Hey Sherry , Sherry whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see. Hey Sherry, Sherry what what will be , will be.

As an all time fashion passionate, I like to watch fashion television program, attend fashion show, read fashion magazine and even create my own design draft for top to bottom. I love how fashion could be so out of box with creative and innovative ideas from time to time.

Frankly, my this entry is mainly inspired by the pop star Stefani Germanotta, who is also known as Lady Gaga. This woman has always being different and unique in her dressing from head to toe. She proves to the world that sexy can be achieved in varies ways. That's where I often got my fashion senses imagination from the gaga look.

'Just dance' the imagination throughout this post with ya ' Poker Face'! What will I do if I had 70 feet of magical golden hair? Erm...I would separate into two categories for the answers. Foremost, of course is the basic hair cares and followed by the fashion used.

If I had Rapunzel's hair....

1. 10 bottles of Sunsilk hair shampoo per day
2 Rinse it like a mop and apply 10 bottles of Sunsilk hair conditioner
3. Rinse it and apply 10 bottles hair treatments to remain the smoothness of the hair.
4. Hang it at balcony while having breakfast, watching tv, sleeping etc cause it take times to dry.


1. Lady gaga could use meat as her dressing and even for foot wear. Who the hell will ever thought of this crazy idea. Ain't it just too cool to be true? ...If I had Rapunzel's hair, I will just replace the meat for the dress and foot wear with my golden hair and for the left over ones will make it as necklace, bracelets and rings as my accessories.Oops Gaga! I created a new fashion sense this time.

2. The hair bow on Lady Gaga's head is too small to be seen. If I had Rapunzel's hair, I will have my hair dye in red and all tied up as a BOW. I wanna be the attention among the crowd no matter where I am. Yea! i'm an attention seeker just like Gaga! I make you ' Speechless' no?

3. Gaga always dress in striking odd color to create the new trend in fashion world. The mix and match on her never failed to give surprise to the medias and her fans. Red scarf with yellow tops are one of the weirdest color matching but she brings it all out....With my Rapunzel's hair, I can have a scarf on my head by wrapping the hair round and round till the end I could also make a flower on the side of it to bring out the sweetness in me. LOL

Yohoo, this is my latest hair cut. Yea, I finally got myself bangs and I really like it! What do you think about it?

Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale
I'm so not gonna missed this movie for sure.

xoxo short is another sexy


  1. OMG, it srsly suits you! So cute and you definitely look younger. I like yr new haircut :D

  2. Now that is what I call a great looking hairstyle. Simply loving it :) but 10 bottles of Sunsilk hair shampoo and conditioner per day for Rapunzel's hair... c'mon Sunsilk, what're you waiting for :)

  3. cute cute,I shall go for haircut soon :D

  4. Waa!Nice hair style..I shall keep my hair longer and not cut it^^

  5. Love your new hair cut. Suit you a lot. Look much cuter and younger!

  6. heyy bangs suit u..i wanna have bangs also hehe btw i participated this competition too XD

  7. wow!! you have really thick bangs, really suit you.. :)

  8. That is alot of shampoo, conditioner and so what ever will be used. That is so wasted. :p

  9. rapunzel? the fairest of them all? lol

  10. is that you in the pics? LOL.. cute and adorable

  11. u look great with those bangs! ;)
    good luck!!

  12. wanna tie my hair like ribbon too like lady gaga :)