Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wanted to ask my friend to help me send this birthday card and lollipops to his mailbox.
But I'm worried the lollipops couldn't fit in the mailbox so I don't wanna take the risk rather pass it to him by myself.

I stayed awake till 4am just to wait mummy awake to teach me how to bake the butter cake as she has to go out at 6am so that's the only 2 hours I had.
Only had one hour sleep that day. Went to bakery shop to buy chocolate and color beats to deco the topping of the cake.
It took me 4 hours to complete the whole cake from 2-6pm. I didn't have my meal for that day till dinner.

Eight extra muffins with his name. I ruined the alphabet "W" as you can see the chocolate on it.

The original plan was to either meet him up on Thursday night or go to his office to pass him the cake and muffins. Then surprise him with the gift and card after his home. Lastly, to appear at his house gate on the exact day. But....

Hope he like it the so called surprise.
Happy Birthday Mr.Wang!

From Squirrel


  1. so nice and hardworking , cake nice or bad not important , it the thought and heart u put it counts

  2. i think the muffin is a good idea...but everything at once, he shall feel it as well XD

  3. yeaa. alto the cake seems to be simple, i think he wud really appreciate it. :) after all it's the sincerity that matters the most.

  4. Sweet but u spill out the secret here X)

  5. wow ..sweet.. gluck in ur surprise..
    next time bake for all of us yea..

  6. awwwww so sweet! the cake looks yummy :D

  7. Careen: I already gave him the surprise then only I post here.

  8. the cake looks good, you're so sweet :)

  9. eheheh :3 so he is the lucky guy. :p

  10. Looks~ Yummy~~ I want to eat la... XD

  11. so sweeeet! :)))
    the cake looks yummeh!